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My Blade Runner is a devoted site to Blade Runner movie.

It's a fan site driven by Joan Fusté, from Spain.

All contents related to the movie are under copyright laws, from everywhere information comes, or from the site owner, using his particular collection.


  • Have a site with news related to Blade Runner
    • But don't expect this will be a traditional blog.
  • Show and share a personal collection
    • The hard part... too many items to classify, make pictures and so on.
  • Organize stuff to make a book (trying it since 2008...)
    • Many attempts done yet. Now, working with traditional media like pencil and paper.

Who is Joan Fusté


Joan Fusté is a collector located in a little town near Barcelona, Spain. He collects Blade Runner related stuff since 1992, more or less.

Not a prop maker, only a collector.


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Twitter @jfuste